Terms of Use

    •Goods prices are in Euros and include VAT (20%).

• Product images are for illustrative purposes and may differ from the actual product. If in doubt, contact your dealer or the manufacturer's website.
• Make sure to request the recipient of the data to be correct, because the goods will be sent to your address indicated by the recipient.
• Audioekspert.ee website you can create a personal account. Audioekspert e-store gives the buyer the right to use your personal data for processing.

Personal information will be used for the sale of the customer list and service.

• Buyer's personal data are transmitted to the extent necessary to provide delivery service to the company. Personal information is protected from any legal action arising from or subject to publication third parties.

•If the order invoice is not paid within 10 days after order placement, order will be canceled.
•The customer is entitled to from the day of delivery of the goods within 14 days to return goods and get a refund. The money is transferred back to the 10th days after the product reaches us.

•Returned goods must not be used and must be in original packaging. Purchase document must be retained.

•According to LOA § 194 subsection 4 of the cost of returning the goods worth € 10. - of the consumer.

•Audioekspert LLC by selling new products to apply the LOA in § 218 subsection 2 of the two-year deadline for filing claims.
•Claims period starts from the date of receipt of the goods to the customer.

Warranty and Return Terms

Warranty period

  • • Dealer mediates for goods sold by a manufacturer warranty.
  • • Dealer is obligated to eliminate the deficiencies specified in its terms of warranty.
  • • Warranty starts from the date of of issue of the accompanying document.
  • • During the warranty period treatments performed warranty does not extend validity of the warranty.

Warranty realization

• Warranty service is performed on the basis of the invoice issued by the Seller and the serial number of the device intact.

• If the serial number has been defaced or illegible, the Seller has the right to refuse warranty service for free.


    Warranty does not cover:

    • •Maintenance and physical damages caused by accidental or intentional damage or foreign material inside the device involved(extraneous objects, liquids, insects, excessive dust, etc..).
    • •Maintenance and physical injuries as a result of broken electrical systems (lack of grounding wire, electronic equipment damage,nonfunctioning electrical sockets, electricity and telephone network damage caused by power surges and outages, etc..).
    • •Maintenance and physical injuries that are caused by non-original parts or unsuitable accessories.
    • •Of maintenance, which is due to servicing that is performed by the Seller as a non-authorized person.
    • •Of maintenance, which is caused by the improper use of equipment, and the performances of non-compliance.• Exploitation disturbances that have arisen as a result of lightning or some other natural phenomenon.• The warranty does not cover the cost of moving mechanical parts.



    Buyer's rights and obligations

    • •The buyer is entitled to demand cancellation of the order and refund the money if the Dealer is unable to deliver the goods within the period allowed.
    • • The Buyer has the right to ask for additional information from the Seller.
    • • The buyer is obligated consult the privacy policy and the terms and conditions of sale and warranty.
    • • Buyer is obligated first satisfy himself that the product complies with his wishes. In order to obtain information about the manufacturer's website or ask for information about the audio expert customer service at info@audioekspert.ee
    • • The buyer is obligated examine the goods in transport prices and terms and conditions.


    The rights and obligations of Dealer

    • • The seller has the right to withdraw from the order if the goods have been depleted. In this case, the Buyer shall be notified and shall be refunded.
    • • Seller reserves the right to change the prices of goods, availability of goods and text information without prior notice.
    • • The seller has to bear the cost of returning the goods delivery time is exceeded, the Buyer has decided to cancel the order.• Dealer is obligated as soon as possible to return the money paid by the buyer, but not later than 30 days after the buyer has waived the order or refund the product
    • .• Dealer is required to give a guarantee to the goods, if the buyer has not violated the conditions of warranty.
    • • The seller is obligated to repair or replace the defective goods. If it is not possible to do so, the Seller is obligated as soon as possible to return the money paid by the buyer,but not later than 30 days after receipt of the examination results.
    • • Dealer warrants the goods quality and completeness.
    • • The seller is responsible for the goods until handed over on the the customer.



    AUDIOEKSPERT wishes you a pleasant shopping!