Baritones, Euphoniums, Flutes, Flugelhorns, Horns, Mouthpieces for Brass Instruments, Hunting Horns and Accessories

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  • Baritones
    Roy Benson Bb-Baritone
  • Euphoniums
    Roy Benson Bb-Euphonium EP-301 Student Pro Series
  • Flutes
    Roy Benson Flute for children FL-102 Student Series, Chester Flute
  • Flugelhorns
    Roy Benson Bb-Flugelhorn FH-302G Pro Series
  • Horns
    Roy Benson Bb-Children, Roy Benson F-Children, Roy Benson Bb-Tenorhorn
  • Hunting Horns
    Roy Benson Bb-Hunting Horn
  • Clarinets
    Roy Benson Bb-Clarinet
  • Cornet
    Roy Benson Bb-Cornet CR-202S Student Pro Series
  • Accessories
    Mouthpieces for Brass Instruments, Mutes, Reed Cases, Other Accessories
  • Melodicas
    Walther Melodica P/U 10
  • Other Brass Instruments
    Chester Bb/Eb-Fanfare, Hand hooters, Gewa Nose flute, Gewa Kazoo
  • Ocarinas
    Gewa Ocarina Premium, Gewa Ocarina Classic
  • Pan Flutes
    Gewa Pan pipe Premium Pcs.
  • Recorders
    Gewa C-Soprano recorder Natura
  • Saxophones
    Roy Benson Bb-Soprano Saxophone, Roy Benson Bb-Tenor,Chester Eb-Alto
  • Mouth Harmonicas
    Walther Harmonica Chromatic C-major, Walther Harmonica Double tremolo model
  • Trombones
    Roy Benson Trombone, Chester Trombone, PBONE Trombone
  • Trumpets
    Roy Benson Bb-Pocket trumpet, Chester Bb-Trumpet
  • Tubas
    Roy Benson BBb-Tuba TB-202 Student Pro Series
  • Effect Whistles
    Kamballa Djembe Carrying strap, Acme Siren, Acme Whistle Metal, Gewa Samba whistle
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